10 Reasons to Select a Professional Janitorial Company

  1. As a professional janitorial company, Rafco Clean has the experience, skill, and trained personnel to clean commercial properties in an efficient, safe, and cost effective manner.
  2. Rafco Clean has over 10 years of commercial janitorial experience.  Our co-managers have over 40 years of combined management experience.
  3. Rafco Clean provides commercial janitorial services for office, retail, condominiums, childcare centers, medical/healthcare, churches, banks and post construction cleaning.
  4. Our “Cleaning Standard” far exceeds prevailing industry norms.
  5. Rafco Clean provides customized cleaning plans to meet your exact specifications—complete facilities audit and detailed cleaning checklist.
  6. Rafco Clean offers current best practices across multiple categories including Green/Eco Friendly Cleaning, LEED Qualified Best Practices Cleaning, and customized recycling programs.
  7. All employees undergo extensive background and drug screening checks.
  8. Our rates are competitive.  Our service is unparalleled.
  9. Rafco Clean offers economies of scale in purchasing, leveraging buying power
to reduce costs.
  10. Rafco Clean provides cleaning evaluations and estimates at no cost.  If you are interested in an estimate, please contact us!