Rafco Clean Wins Targeted Advertising and Marketing Award

St. Louis October 9, 2014 – Clayton-based Rafco Clean was recently recognized by the Business Marketing Association (BMA) at their annual Targeted Advertising and Marketing (TAM) awards event held at The Chase Park Plaza. Rafco Clean won a “Silver” TAM Award.

Sponsored by the St. Louis Chapter of the Business Marketing Association, the TAM Awards recognize excellence in both print and electronic media. Held annually, the awards showcase the best B2B advertising, marketing, corporate and professional communications in the St. Louis region and honor the agencies, companies and individuals who create them.

Rafco Clean along with multi-media firm Drive Time Performance Communications and Bowman Creative were recognized for their work in the Corporate Video Category. Rafco Clean received a “Silver” award for their “Exceptional Cleaning Services” video. The video was rolled out to illustrate the company’s unique approach to the commercial cleaning market and their broad capabilities. Client testimonials supported the premium service approach employed by Rafco
Clean. The video can be viewed on the company’s website: www.www-rafcoprop-com.www.rafcoprop.com.

The “Exceptional Cleaning Services” corporate piece was designed to be visually engaging and clearly communicate the unique approach to commercial cleaning offered by Rafco Clean. The video illustrates Rafco Clean’s differentiators and highlights the various types of facilities that they clean including commercial office, retail, healthcare facilities, and childcare centers.

“I am thrilled that we’ve been recognized for our marketing efforts,” said Tina Rafael, senior vice president at Rafco Properties. “Our video communications have contributed to increased business in our residential property management and commercial cleaning businesses. During the first three quarters of 2014 (ending September 30th), our Rafco Clean Portfolio has increased by 23 percent”

The Business Marketing Association is the largest professional association representing practitioners of marketing and communications with more than 19 chapters throughout the United States. The BMA’s TAM Award recognizes the best marketing campaigns and honors the agencies, companies and indivAbout Rafco Clean
TAM 2014
Rafco Clean, LLC, is a full-service commercial cleaning company for high-demand clients. Rafco Clean provides janitorial services for corporate facility complexes including Centene Plaza in Clayton, individual office buildings, commercial retail, and select condominium associations throughout the St. Louis area totaling 2 MM sq. ft.
iduals who create them.