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Clean Freaks For Kids

Well, you know at RAFCO Clean we are in fact…The Clean Freaks!!  Maybe not the originals but darn close.  Another freaky thing about us is that we are very health conscious because healthiness is very dependent on…cleanliness! Just a few … Continue reading

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Heading Back To The Office? Spring Cleaning Tips & Benefits

The snow is gone….We think!!!  And if we trust Mother nature, spring is upon us, for real. Now is the perfect time to jettison those old paperwork and materials hanging around in the office from the winter and more than … Continue reading

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Working From Home? Here Are Some Cleaning Tips

Many of us are working from home, and this means we’re dirtying our homes quicker than usual. Therefore, keeping your home office clean is crucial. Here are some tips. Clean Your Office Electronics Turn off your electronics to get rid … Continue reading

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How Often Should You Have Commercial Cleaning Done in the “New Normal?”

Commercial cleaning in the context of COVID is more important now than ever. Your business needs to be as clean as possible to keep you, your employees, and your customers safe. So in this new normal, what are the new … Continue reading

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6 Important Steps to Disinfect Your Desk

As many businesses reopen and people go back to work during the coronavirus pandemic, it is critical to disinfect your workspace regularly. You can do your part to prevent the spread of coronavirus by following these practices in your workplace: … Continue reading

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How to Effectively Host a Video Meeting

In the wake of COVID, virtual meetings have largely replaced in-person business meetings. As businesses reopen, many wisely continue opting for meeting virtually out of health and safety precautions. The reduction or total elimination of regular business meetings is a … Continue reading

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10 Smart Ways to Organize Your Winter Gear

You know what feels awful? Wet socks! And they’re all but unavoidable during the winter. Plus, the clutter of boots, scarves, gloves, and coats is messy and unsightly, and all that water can wreck your floors or carpets over time. … Continue reading

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Rafco Clean Wins Targeted Advertising and Marketing Award

St. Louis October 9, 2014 – Clayton-based Rafco Clean was recently recognized by the Business Marketing Association (BMA) at their annual Targeted Advertising and Marketing (TAM) awards event held at The Chase Park Plaza. Rafco Clean won a “Silver” TAM … Continue reading

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Rafco Clean’s Fleet Expands

As Rafco Clean’s business continues to grow, so does our fleet of our service vehicles. Our latest addition is our Chevrolet Express Cargo Van. Not only is the outside of the van customized with our Rafco Clean brand identity, but … Continue reading

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2013 BOMA Holiday Party

Rafco Clean celebrated the holidays with other BOMA members as this year’s Diamond Sponsor for the 2013 BOMA Holiday Party on December 5th at the Coronado Ballroom. Co-owner Tina Rafael raffled off four attendance prizes from Rafco Clean for dining … Continue reading

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