FUN FACT: Do you know who invented the modern Squeegee?

The original “squilgee” was a long-handled, wooden-bladed tool fishermen used to scrape fish blood and scales from their boat deck, and to push water off the deck after it had been washed.

With the development of the skyscraper in the 20th century, an efficient tool for the cleaning of window exteriors was needed. Professional window washers began using the “Chicago Squeegee”, a bulky tool with two heavy pink rubber blades. Changing the blades required the loosening of twelve separate screws. The modern single-blade window cleaning squeegee was patented by Ettore Steccone in 1936; it was made of lightweight brass with a very flexible and sharp rubber blade. The Ettore Products Co. is still the leader in the squeegee market today. Squeegee kits can include a telescoping pole to extend the washer’s reach.