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5 Ways to Keep Your Office Clean & Healthy During Winter

Beyond keeping a clean business for aesthetic reasons, it’s crucial to keep up on proper cleaning practices for health concerns, too. During the winter, diseases and infectious germs spread like wildfire. If you aren’t keeping the workplace clean, you may … Continue reading

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Your Customers are Judging You on These 5 Areas

It starts the second they turn into your lot, before they even park their car: customers are dissecting the appearance of your building… and your grounds. This means devoting some extra time to maintain a clean, professional look for your … Continue reading

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3 Steps to Streak-Free Windows

It shouldn’t be hard to keep windows clean, right? Spray, wipe, boom, done. But under the scrutiny of sunlight the truth is revealed: streaks you thought you swiped, and smudges you swore weren’t there before. Be it for your office … Continue reading

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7 Maintenance Tips to Protect Your Building This Fall & Winter

Clocks will be falling back an hour before you know it! The extra sleep is great, but this also means it’s time to think ahead in preparation for fall and winter. You need to protect your building from low temperatures, … Continue reading

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Reasons you should clean your car!

Dirt is Damaging From Left To Right: Antonio Graham, Shareef McCreight, and Sammie Coleman While engines and wheels receive the lion’s share of preventative maintenance, the paint and coatings on your vehicle is an important barrier that prevents moisture and … Continue reading

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Summer Cleaning: Don’t Forget These 4 Outdoor Areas

Warm weather is officially here, which puts the spotlight (or… sunlight!) on 4 distinct outdoor cleaning jobs that are summer specific. We’re going to start with the gross one first! TRASHCANS One of the fastest outdoor objects to get dirty, … Continue reading

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Summer Office Cleaning Tips You Might Not Know About

Some businesses clear out come summer, particularly school systems.  Whether the classrooms and hallways have become completely vacant or the season has allowed some breathing room, there’s a few common spaces that are desperate for a deep clean! First, it’s … Continue reading

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Winter Cleaning Tip

Replace Air Filters & Clean the Furnace According to the EPA, you should change your HVAC filters at least every three months to ensure your air stays clean. After replacing the filters, soak dusty ventilation covers in a hot water … Continue reading

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The Most Forgotten Places To Clean In Your Home

Your Home May Not Be as Clean as You Think! You take a lot of pride in your home and keeping it clean and healthy… but how clean is it really? You might take your cleaning methods to the hilt … Continue reading

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Cleaning vs. Sanitizing vs. Disinfecting

It’s been proven that occupant/worker well-being and productivity is positively impacted by cleaner, healthier buildings. While this is excellent news, it’s easy to blur the lines between cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting — which means the best hygienic practices aren’t always … Continue reading

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