8 Things You Never Knew Soap Could Do

11227464_mlI know you’ve all got a spare bar of soap lying around the house. Maybe it’s under the sink. Maybe it’s one of those kinds you swipe from fancy hotels that’s still hiding in your linen closet. Whatever the case, chances are you’re not going to use it any time soon… unless of course, you read this list.

Think soap can only be at the sink or in the shower? Well, think again because soap is actually quite the little multi-purpose household item. Use it in these ways and it will save you time and money — and make your life a little greener, too!

  1. Natural bug repellent for indoor and outdoor plants: Grate half a bar of soap and mix the shavings into water. Pour mixture into a spray bottle and spray generously on the undersides of leaves to keep insects at bay.
  2. Bug bite remedy: Speaking of bugs, want a natural way to soothe those itchy, painful bites? Rub a dampened piece of soap on top of them for a few seconds. Ah, instant relief! Who knew?
  3. Drawer freshener: Toss a bar of soap in your sock or underwear drawer to keep clothes smelling fresh. Works great to prevent musty odors in closets and in pieces of luggage as well.
  4. Stain remover: Got a tough stain that just won’t budge? Pre-treat it with soap. Try rubbing a damp bar of white soap on the fabric. Let dry then wash off.
  5. Sneaker saver: Stinky shoes? Place a bar of soap in each shoe overnight. Take out in the morning and they’ll smell as good as new!
  6. Pincushion: Wrap a bar of soap in a thin piece of fabric and secure in place with a cute ribbon, using it as a pincushion. Added bonus: the soap makes needles easier to stick in fabric.
  7. Zipper lubricant: The next time your zipper won’t move, just remember this trick: slide some bar soap up and down the back side of the zipper and watch it loosen in no time.
  8. Nail cleaner: Before you do garden work, scrape your fingernails along the side of a bar of soap. The soap the collects under your fingernails won’t allow dirt to cake there – plus soap washes out much easier than dirt does!


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By: Erin Zaikis