Wind up for Spring!

spring-is-hereSpring has sprung and whether it’s your home or the building you manage, everybody gets the urge to wade in on seasonal transformations with a deep cleaning and then instituting a fresh routine of cleaning initiatives for the New Year.  Here are a few you might consider.

  1. Restroom Refreshers. Day to day routine cleaning is great but it may tend to consistently leave some areas unattended. Those areas get dirty, and are havens for bacteria growth.  Take the initiative to institute a regular deep cleaning by using a high pressure machine to jettison stubborn grime and bio build up.  A high pressure chemical based washer will sanitize everything in your restrooms!
  1. Green is Keen. Better than 80% of adults in the U.S. would prefer to do business with a company that uses safe, environmentally sound cleaning products and procedures. Consider instituting Green Cleaning practices and let your clients know that you are doing so.  From dilution control to products like reusable wipes and mops, attention to these simple details can go a long way in your desire and benefit to Keep it Green.
  1. Dust Off The Old AC. Insuring Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) can be as simple as making sure filters are changed and completing a full and regular cleaning of the AC coils.  This  will help eliminate lingering odors, complications from allergies and significantly lower energy costs.  Whether building patrons understand you are doing this or not it’s benefits can be measured by the clients you keep and the money you keep in reduced bills and equipment failures.  Dormant equipment needs to be cleaned!  So get it done.
  1. You’ll Be Floored. You can’t imagine the wear and tear winter puts on building flooring. Regardless of the material, floors need special attention to wake them up from the winter time sludge, especially here in St. Louis.  Your floors will absolutely shine by introducing a high pressure steam and extraction process on hard surfaces.  This is particularly effective at removing dry particulate.  Carpets as well require this vigorous approach including a scrubber to clean below the surface.  Taking care of the flooring in your building will increase the life of your flooring investment and increase the intervals between replacement. You’ll make bank on taking care of your floors.
  2. Finally… Freshen up that Building Appearance and Appeal.  This is more a focus on the finer details of your building.  Time to get out and take care of the deferred cosmetic fixes that are typically low cost and high reward.  Make sure all lighting is working properly, address small issues like replacing weathered caulking or repainting signage.  And if you do not want to do this, bring in a trusted handyman service to complete these minor tasks.  Your building will shine for the spring, summer and fall.  Fooey on winter!  But at least we have something to look forward to :-).