How to Make it a Clean Summer Break

You might have heard the term ‘team cleaning’ bouncing around your cleaning company or office before. But do you know what it really means? Team cleaning is known as a rather systematic and efficient method to clean any office or facility.

It’s no secret that a clean working environment leads to a happier and more productive team – especially in places that are regularly taken care of by a professional cleaning company. Just imagine how much more time an employee will have to focus on their work if they’re not having to clean the floor around their desk, or empty trash bins when necessary.

So how can your staff work in harmony with your preferred cleaning company to make this summer a clean and productive one?

  • Remind staff to keep desks/work areas cleaned/organized. Typically, cleaning staff will be instructed to clean the areas of a desk/workstation without disturbing any objects. They will be able to do a better job if the area is kept tidy. This is especially important if your workers are gone for a while on vacation.
  • Don’t let the office fridge become a hazard zone! When people take time off from work, they often forget about the lunch or snacks they left in the fridge. This can escalate quickly into a smelly, disgusting mess – even a true health hazard. Keeping up on leftovers hanging out in the fridge regularly will make a heavy duty cleaning job easier on your cleaning company.
  • Summer allergies are rough on many. This is the season where allergies can run rampant. High standards of office cleaning play an important part in the air quality of the work place. You should make sure your professional cleaners maintain daily vacuuming, dusting, and that the air vents are periodically checked.
  • Use the extra summer downtime for deep cleaning. Lots of people take their vacations when the weather is beautiful out, and all the muddy snow and puddles of last season are gone. This could be a great time to see what your cleaning company offers regarding window washing, painting, plumbing, deep carpet cleaning, and more.
  • Now could be the time to make the leap to a new cleaning company. Perhaps you’ve still had issues in your workplace despite a cleaning company visiting regularly. If your staff is now on board with doing their part to keep workstations and fridges clean, it may be time to seek out a cleaning company, like Rafco Clean, that is truly up to the task.

Summer is a wonderful time of year – it brings about the feeling of fresh starts and a renewed outlook on life! Take this feeling and instill it in your staff to create a work environment that will be spotless and healthy. With employees doing their part to make the work of your cleaning company easier, this could even equate to less stress on the company budget in the long run.