Ready for Summer? Here’s How to Keep Both Cool and Clean!

When the season warms up, the urge to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather rises – but that can mean the messes in your house do, too. Kids are running in and out, be it with wet swimsuits and towels or mud-caked shoes and clothes from adventures in the woods or at the park with friends. Sunscreen-smeared fingerprints on windows, sticky ice cream or popsicle messes on your counters… it’s never ending!

But you’ll be happy to know that there’s a handful of common summertime messes that are easy to avoid:

  • POPSICLE RESIDUE: No summer is complete without a cool popsicle in the afternoon. Stick the bottom of the stick into a cupcake liner, which will stay in place atop your child’s hand. Instant spill-catcher!
  • DON’T BRING THE BEACH HOME WITH YOU! Instead of spending hours vacuuming out your car after a fun day at the beach, line the floor and seats with extra-long trash bags, and bring a hand-held cleaning brush to get wet, clumpy sand off legs and feet.
  • CHILL ON THE GRILL: You’ll be able to enjoy dessert after a deliciously grilled meal of burgers or brats, rather than having to scrape and scrub at a black, charred mess – all thanks to investing in a durable grill mat. The majority of juices and splatters are kept contained, and the mats are easy to rinse clean. Can’t afford a grill mat? Aluminum foil works just as easily and can be thrown away after.
  • NO TEARS ABOUT SWIMMING GEAR: By setting up a designated clothesline or folding drying rack in your garage, foyer, pool house, or even at the edge of your patio, the frustration of damp towels and swim gear turning into a musty pile on the floor will be a thing of the past.

Skip the messes and clear the path for a summer that’s bound to be full of exciting memories with family and friends!