Professional Pressure Wash Service is SMART Business

It is important to keep your place of business clean and sanitized.  How CLEAN  your storefront is or the first approach to your space gives your customers a sense of what to expect.  If the parking garage is your customer’s first impression, consider the impression it gives.  The cleaning of sidewalks, drive-thrus, parking lots and especially building/store front entrance areas is necessary routine maintenance.  Let us help  you maintain or improve your first impression!  Rafco Clean power washing will revitalize your building’s appearance and curb appeal at all of your locations.

Keeping the exterior of your commercial property pressure washed on a regular basis also saves you money.  The longer harmful elements like dirt, dust and other debris remain on your building or sidewalks, the more costly it will be to pressure wash or fix.  We offer several different commercial pressure washing maintenance services that will fit your budget.  You can rest assure that Rafco Clean will sustain its high level of customer service and deliver a quality product.  Contact us today to obtain a proposal for commercial pressure wash services.