3 Ways Many Facilities Service Providers Will Fail You & How to Avoid It

No matter how spotlessly commercial janitorial services may present themselves in print or online, most places are more focused on making themselves shine before your facilities. Here are a few common problems businesses run into, and how Rafco Clean will make sure you never encounter these issues.

  • INADEQUATE TRAINING: consistent services with the ability to customize to your facility cleaning needs/schedule start by making sure crews are properly trained. This will include systematized processes, industry practices, and cross-contamination standards.

What We’ll Do: we will provide documentation regarding training processes as well as employee ongoing training, and proof of certification upon request.

  • HIGH TURNOVER RATE: there’s no escaping it: the state of our economy has led to an elevated turnover rate for many lower-to-mid wage jobs. This results in poor work morale and interruptions to your cleaning schedule and quality, given a constant need to hire and re-train employees.

What We’ll Do: we do our best to provide competitive wages and benefits for our cleaning staff, as well as keep open lines of communication with our staff regarding everything from hiring and training processes to workplace morale. The happier the staff, the shinier your facility!

  • LACK OF COMMUNICATION/QUALITY ASSURANCE: it’s not as complicated as it sounds: no matter how high tech the equipment or how amazing the crew, if there is a breakdown in communication, it will in turn affect your relationship with said staff. It also means subpar cleaning and, in most cases… utter dissatisfaction and wasted money.

What We’ll Do: while lots of companies lay low in the face of miscommunication and issues, and will wait for you to reach out if you’re unhappy, we welcome all feedback. We know that people are human and mistakes happen. Not only do we make sure our staff is heard (and vice versa!), but we also put your needs first, too.