Summer Cleaning: Don’t Forget These 4 Outdoor Areas

Warm weather is officially here, which puts the spotlight (or… sunlight!) on 4 distinct outdoor cleaning jobs that are summer specific.

We’re going to start with the gross one first!


One of the fastest outdoor objects to get dirty, leaving your garbage cans unchecked not only leads to annoying flies buzzing around, but also their squishy, squirmy larvae.

Not only will a deep scrubbing prevent flies from dropping anchor within, but you’ll also avoid The Breath Hold (I know you know what that is!) any time you open the lid to throw out the day’s trash.


A toilet bowl brush works wonders to reach deep inside

  • You can use a liquid toilet bowl cleaner, too!


Most people keep up on window interiors pretty regularly… but can you remember the last time you cleaned them from the outside? Summer is the perfect time to get rid of the grime left over from fall and winter.


  • An easy mixture of white vinegar + dishwashing detergent will make that glass sparkle!
  • Use the hose attached to your house for rinsing


Driveways endure tons of abuse, including fluid stains from vehicles, lawn mowers, or snow blowers. Whether you’re cleaning up gas, oil, or transmission fluid, be sure to verify the right cleaning method for the job.


Did you forget to cover your chairs and tables over the winter? Maybe your dog claimed one of those seats during the spring, adding fur and mud from the yard to leftover foliage.

Whatever the case may be, it’s time to get rid of grimy mildew and mold before the summer festivities begin!


  • Bleach diluted in water is the best solution for cleaning patio furniture
  • Move furniture off the grass before you clean with this method

Since all 4 of these tasks can be completed in a weekend, your home and property will be summer-ready before long!

Remember that Rafco Clean is here to help make sure you’ve got a clean, healthy building at all times. Contact us with any questions!